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Terms And Conditions

Accuracy and currency of property information: 

The advertised property details content is the sole responsibility of the owner or agent of the property displayed. 

I-Rent Properties do not confirm the currency or accuracy thereof and accordingly you are strongly recommended to make your own investigation into the authenticity of any information supplied before taking on any rental commitment to the advertiser (rental property owner). 

I-Rent Properties are in no way liable for any inaccuracies or misleading statements made in the information provided by the owner or agent of properties on the website.

It is forbidden to use the list for anything but holiday rental property listing and related services.

Links to outside pages are to be limited to owners pages and closely related pages such as travel, estate services and hire
Under no circumstances is Adult material or links to, allowed.
Any abuse of this site's use and content will result in immediate cancellation of service.

I Rent is not reliable to any abuse by third party such as wrongful information or listing of property.

I Rent does not take any responsibility of owners content or property adverts placed, or who is the real owner or who has authority to advertise property in question.

Should someone use owners credit card details to advertise owners property then I Rent reserves the right to claim the fees related to the service rendered

By using this site you agree to the above.