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Frequently Asked Questions

How to advertise on I-Rent's web site?

We provide holiday homeowners and their agents with ample means to increase their holiday rental income through advertising online at a very reasonable price. It makes sense when you have invested in a second home, to try to make it work for you while you are not there. I-Rent is specially created for that purpose, to help second home owners to rent out their property with as little effort and as inexpensively as possible.

Owners receive booking inquiries from the I-Rent site, either directly to the given E-mail address or through owner agent. And our fees are low and simple.
Owners can choose to pay for advert by a low annual fee only or the owner can choose to use pay pr. booking percentage fee, (owner can see % value in owner admin for the property), so if no booking then no cost to owner, so there are no other costs by I Rent to worry about.

If I decide to advertise my property, then what can I expect?

We provide a full page advertising for the property, including up to 16 photo uploads and extensive descriptions of the property along with location maps and aerial views. All booking inquiries are made directly to owner by email, an SMS. (mobile text) alert can be sent if so requested in owner admin, for a low fee.

There are limitless ways of contact information the advertiser can display such as telephone, mobile and fax and a link to any web site and his online chat details and so on. All properties are of course searchable through our  web site search facilities where holidaymakers can browse and find that holiday property to rent.

We also provide means to highlight the property via Late Deals, Early Bargains and Holiday Ideas etc.

What's the price? = 5% each time you rent

We accept all credit cards and use PayPal for transactions. You do not have to be a PayPal member to use the Credit Card facilities on PayPal. The advert fee is based on pr. rental (see above) or you can choose to use annual fee structure only.
There are no obligations whatsoever, you do not have to continue or pay anything extra if you decide to stop.

So make sure to take full advantage of this site, including a full-page advertisement all included features, such as availability calendar, seasonal pricing, photo uploads and alert SMS. This also includes free online service 24/7. payments are made by either using Debit or Credit Cards. Paypal/eBay offer the facility to use variety of methods, if you do not have an account with them, do not worry, as you do not have to be a PayPal member to use their payment service and still you can still pay using your own cards.

How do I register my property?

Its very simple to register, just following the steps below:

First select 'Click here to register' on the Login/Register page. You find the Owner Area link on top of the page.

After you have filled in your contact details then press 'Register' and you will be moved over to your private admin area login page right away. This will be followed up with email message to verify your email address, so please be careful to enter your email address correctly.

Once you are in your property Management area then select 'Add New property' to begin entering your property location details. There are ample instructions highlighted by an information icon, with every step of the property registration. By ticking a box you will be able to copy your own user details for the property if that is what you want to use. You will also be able to add an extra email address for contact should you need one.

The registration of property is in 6 easy steps, each independent from each other. Once done you are ready to activate your advertisement. A full blown advert takes about 20-40 minutes to do, best is to have the images (up to 16) ready and some text about the property and the immediate area. You will find this is very easy to do.

When you add your images some methods are better than others, best is to name each photo as photo. photo2. etc. and keep them in a folder related to the property, so they are easy to locate. First photo is the one that is front page photo, next three make up the second page photo and description along with photo no1. Then the rest of the photos along with the first 4 will show up on the photo gallery page.

There is also a Google map location facility where you can show on the map the exact location of your property, with a real views and other important information.

Under the Rent step you can set up your preferred currency, and if it is not in the list of currencies then we will add it for you.

so under the Rent step, you can have "Seasonal prices" and you can also have Late Season Bargain or Early Bargain, both which have separate link pages as you can see on the main side menu.