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Why not add a new travel section to your web site at no cost to you. All you need is to put in a link taking your visitors to your new travel section where thousands of properties are already listed world wide.

We offer you a free branded I-Rent Holiday Rental Search and Booking System seamlessly integrated into your current web site, that will make you money for each property listed coming from your new portal.

You do not have to worry not having that many properties listed for your new travel section as it comes with thousands of listed properties already for your customers to browse through, not showing the difference between your listings or others.

This additional exposure will help you drive up your inventory of your own holiday property listings and generate more income for your site.

You will be able to increase your site's value and receive up to 35-50% of all revenue created from holiday home owners and agents listing their rental properties through your new travel portal and booking system and become a large portal in your own right.

This is a Win Win situation!
A holiday rental booking system like this one is very expensive to make and it takes years to design and develop. Its maintenance and shopping cart along with its SMS and Merchant Accounts are paid for by I-Rent Properties.
In short - A brand new and a complete travel section added to your web site FREE of charge, it cant get any better than that

The I-Rent holiday rental system is not to be confused with airline, hotel or car rental links to booking engines, as I-Rent is a stand alone advertising and booking system that deliver directly to owners, and can therefore go perfectly well together with any other type of a fee based booking and cookie tracking system you may already have on your site.

To send your request or ask for further information, please contact Marketing and Sales
Please make sure to include your web site's Url.

We reserve the rights to decline or accept requests for a new travel section as described above.
Income is based on property owners listings coming from your new travel section
Branding cost can vary from £350-500

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