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Europe >>  Denmark >>  North Jutland (Nord Jylland) >>  Blokhus Kik ind 10802
Summer cottage with a beautiful view over the North Sea in Denmark
The summer cottage was totally renovated during 2001 and is situated 3 km (2 miles) north of Bolkhus an

€ 0- 0 pw
Airport 40 Km.
Ferry 60 Km.
Railway 30 Km.
Beach 0.5 Km.
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Europe >>  Denmark >>  Viborg >>  Viborg Lyngbo 10772
Summerhouse in Denmark at the Limfjord for rent

Lovely, well fit out summerhouse - build in 1996, close to beach (100 m) and smaller fishing village / marina (150 m)

€ 0- 0 pw
Airport 30 Km.
Ferry - Km.
Railway 20 Km.
Beach 0.1 Km.
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