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Do you need a nice looking website for your property?

Gaia Blue offers you a complete website done quickly for a competitive price,
New web address ( for your property
All inclusive hosting of your website, incl. SEO
Advice on how to drive traffic to your website
Move or consolidate your domains
Create personalised email addresses and more.

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Gaia Blue web development
Would you like a remote CCTV camera for your rental property?

Have you ever been worried about your vacant property, so far away and untouchable. Well worry no more, we offer our customers a remote controlled camera installed up and running, either for purchase or as a rental, monthly price as low as £15.

You can actually go online using your web browser or your mobile and see what's going on LIVE!

Description: It adopts H.264 Main Profile@ Level 3.0 compression format, support 2 way audio, Wifi, SD Slot (32GB), and mobile phone view, built-in Pan/Tilt and IR, alarm in and out interface, support UPNP, motion detection, email alarm, etc. It is the real all in one ip camera.

Contact us for more information by email
CCTV Systems for I Rent Home owners
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